Focaccia is widely known as a popular style of Italian bread, and to many of our guest at Not Your Average Joe’s, our signature bread with caramelized onions. What makes focaccia so tasty is the creative detail that goes into making each loaf, and key ingredients like olive oil, which plays a major role in adding flavor to the dough, usually generously glazed.

Focaccia bread, unlike many styles of bread, can be served several different ways—including as a loaf, croutons, with soup, pasta dishes or salads. The most common serving style would be for sandwiches, as this bread is flat and unleavened unlike most other breads. 

Sometimes you will find focaccia bread made with honey or other sweet ingredients making it perfect for desserts, coffee, or breakfast pairings. This style of focaccia is popular in the Northwestern parts of Italy.

One of the unique qualities of focaccia bread is the shelf life it can hold compared to most. Even though it is best served when fresh out of the oven and warm, it can be frozen and stored until ready to eat. The ingredients help to preserve the life of the bread making it a great “serve now or eat later” recipe.  Note that the toppings can change the shelf life depending on how it is garnished. 

This easy to make Italian recipe is truly one of a kind simply because of its universal nature, taste, and ingredients. 

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