Sunday brunch is now available from 11:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. in all locations. 

Brunch. It’s been called so many things, by so many people.

Zagat Boston said, “Sorry, breakfast — it’s brunch that’s the most important meal of the day.” BuzzFeed thinks, “Rules are, there ain’t no rules.” Eater DC knows that, “After a productive week, weary Washingtonians rely on weekend brunch to recuperate and refuel. These days, local restaurants offer way more than just pancakes and coffee for the wildly popular D.C. meal.” Eater Boston said, “When the weekend is wide open and you have endless time to linger over eggs Benedict, syrup-laden French toast, and piping hot coffee, nothing suits the day better than brunch.”


Yes, that is our Carribean Chicken Tender on that skewer.

We decided to start our quest to bring you the perfect brunch in the most logical place — bloody marys. And what did we decide makes a bloody mary crazy-good? You do. So we’re letting you pick the ingredients that appeal to your wildest wishes, and we’ll put your ultimate concoction together.

Craving Triple 8 Vodka, cornichon, and a burger slider? We got you. In the mood for Bombay Gin, poached shrimp, and bacon? Sold. What about some Patrón, mustard crusted chicken sliders, and a dill pickle? You got it. Choose from any combination of fixings below, and then share the heck out of your masterpiece with us on Instagram or Twitter! Tag #NotYourAverageMary, and your next brunch may just be on us!

Now, for the food…

Brioche French Toast

You know we’re not stopping with bloody mary’s. We’ve got some great new brunch specials for you to enjoy, too! Like our mind-blowing Brioche French Toast with candied pecans, cinnamon butter, and a side of local maple syrup. More of a classic bruncher? Eggs Benedict might be more your speed. Choose between Italian Cotto ham, smoked salmon, or sautéed spinach. Take a look at the photos below to get excited, then read through the menu with all the details!

Two of our Eggs Benedict selections

Our full menu will be served during brunch hours as well, so don’t fret if you’re still in the mood for a burger or pizza instead of our brunch offerings. We’ve got something for everyone in the family.



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  • Mike Simons

    So is Randolph an 11:30 opening or a noon opening?!?! It’s on both lists. Though I suppose, if it’s opening @ 11:30 then it’s open at noon as well!!

  • Stacey Furtado

    Sorry about that! Thanks for pointing the error. Just fixed it. Randolph will be open at noon.

  • Mike Simons

    Thanks for the update. Is there anything else on the menu besides French Toast, Eggs Benedict & bloody marys?!?!

  • Stacey Furtado

    That’s all we have for now, Mike! Starting slow, and will roll out more brunch items as demand grows! We’re serving-up our full Sunday menu as well, so there will be plenty of options. Are there items you crave at brunch? We’ll pass it along to our chef!

  • Ashley Buxton

    Do you have a gluten free brunch menu??

  • Megan Dwoskin

    Do you have any bottomless brunch options?

  • Stacey Furtado

    Not currently, Megan! We’ll keep you posted as we continue to evolve the brunch menu.

  • Stacey Furtado

    Hi Ashley – We currently serve our full gluten-free lunch menu as well at brunch, but don’t have any specific GF brunch items yet.

  • John Defilippo

    Is it buffet??

  • Stacey Furtado

    It’s not, John. Just regular full service !