5 years at Glen Mills, PA


Bartender, 9 years

Favorite part about your job

My favorite part about my job is truly loving what I do. They say if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. Over the past 5 years, I and the other bartenders at Joe’s have created a friendly, familiar and comforting bar atmosphere. The customers who have become friends, the first time guests that always come back and the vibe around our bar is nothing but fun and that’s what makes Not Your Average Joe’s Glen Mills so great. Also, the staff that we have at glen mills is like no other crew I have worked with. For those of us who have been together for 5 years and those that just joined, we’re family and that makes working a lot of fun.

Favorite drink at the moment

My favorite drink at the moment is the Tiki Time. It is a quintessential summer drink that takes you right to the islands. From the color to the garnish, the drink gets everyone’s attention. The orgeat sets this drink apart from any other. Blended with spiced rum and tiki juices it’s drink perfection.

Favorite drink + entree pairing

Favorite drink and entree pairing is the Moe Bubbles with the farmers market flatbread. The light & crisp Moe Bubbles paired with the creamy goat cheese and fresh veggies on the Farmer’s Market Flatbread makes these two an ideal match.

Why “Not Your Average Joe’s”

Joe’s is special to me because of what the company stands for. We are always evolving whether it is with bar items or menu items, and that keeps things fun and exciting. Treating people who sit at my bar, the same way I would if they sat at my kitchen table, is effortless with a company who is guest obsessed. Joe’s is family to me, and a job I truly stand behind every step of the way.