Prosecco, La Marca, Italy

Bottle 187ml | 14

This August we invite you to have a taste of Italy with our wine choice of the month—Prosecco. With fine bubbles also known as frizzante and notes of apricot, this well-balanced white wine is exactly what the month of August calls for. 

In every bottle of Prosecco, the sweet aroma of white citrus, honey, and white flowers escapes once this easy-to-open bottle is unsealed. Often this bottle of wine is compared to champagne because of its bubbles, however, Prosecco has lighter bubbles and is often frothier than champagne. This brut style wine is fresh and fruity making the taste appear sweeter than it actually is. Made from Glera grapes, it is no surprise as this Italian wine is from the heart of Italy’s Prosecco region—La Marca Trevigiana zone.   

Prosecco is easily a favorite for its light body and versatile taste. This white wine is perfect for making mimosas or for an evening of toasts. At Not Your Average Joe’sour menu features entrées for everyone that pairs great with a bottle of prosecco. Our favorites include our famous goat cheese salad, crab cakes, and our new strawberry shortcake dessert. Stop in today for your very own bottle of Prosecco and tell us what you think. #NYAJ