Location: Ardmore, PA 

Current Position: Promoted to Manager in June of 2019 

Q: How long have you been with Not Your Average Joe’s? 

I have been with Not Your Average Joe’s since July of 2015! 

Q: What is a typical day of work like for you? 

A typical work day for me consists of coming into work and first greeting ALL of my staff personally with either a handshake or a high five. This allows me to thank them for what they contribute to our success. I always try to come in with a positive attitude so the energy transfers to them as well. Before I get to work, I start by looking at the reservations and staffing for the day so I have in mind how I intend on running that particular shift. I speak with the opening manager if I am closing—usually about how the lunch shift went and conferring on the most efficient way to run the dinner shift. Next, I speak with the Chef(s) about how the HOH (Heart of House) is staffed and how everything is going. I believe that is paramount to have a great shift and that all of us are on one accord. I have a pre shift briefing to alert and inform our servers and bartenders on any new developments or menu specials for the day.  Once the shift is in full swing: I check on ALL of our guests at EVERY table and bar seat to ensure that they are receiving impeccable service, and enjoying the food/drinks. As a manager it is also my job to rectify any potential issues, if any. By the close of day, I make sure my office admin work is completed by myself or my managing partner for that day. I do my absolute best to make the best of each and every workday. 

Q: What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of my job is the guest interaction. I love to see the smiles on our guests’ faces when I do my table rounds and they tell me how great their server is and how wonderful the food tastes. It lets me know that we are doing something right!

Q: Why “Not Your Average Joe’s”?

I can’t say exactly “why Joe’s?” but I haven’t regretted my decision. A good friend and former bar manager was in need of bartenders. Having 20 years of mixology under my belt, I reached out to him about the position and got the chance to interview. I started the same week and it has been one awesome experience ever since. It is incredible to work for a company that recognizes hard work. I have always aspired to be in Restaurant Management and my efforts were recognized throughout the years leading to my promotion. I have overseen many operations for neighborhood bars in the past, but this is a totally different level and experience! Definitely a dream come true.

Q: What’s your favorite entree + drink pairing on the menu?

My favorite pairing would be any of our delicious steak dishes paired with a glass Alamos Malbec (when I’m off the clock of course lol). I come into work hungry on purpose because I always have something in mind that I want to eat. What I love most is the option to modify most of our dishes to our guests liking, which really puts our restaurant in a whole different stratosphere.

Q: Any advice for someone looking to be in management within the food industry? 

If I were to offer any advice to anyone looking to get into the industry: is to simply be yourself, know your worth and what you can contribute. Be a sponge by learning and soaking up all you possibly can and to have a “people first” mentality. That will take you very far within this industry; or any industry if I must say.